Edoo Photography | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about Edoo Photography:

How would you define your photography style? 

I often get asked this question and always come up with a slightly different answer because to me, in order to be a successful photographer you have to be able to be flexible in all that you do.  I consider my work to evolve with the modern trends, but I choose to have my images convey an element of emotion that keep them classic enough to stand the test of time.

As you time with me passes, I am always ready to capture the moments exactly as they are unfolding.  Every wedding and session is as unique as the couple or family planning them, and my goal is to capture you and yours in all your individual beauty.  My main focus is to tell your truth. To have your story told through these images as honestly as possible.  With the emotions of the day passing by us quickly, my style embraces capturing those fleeting moments that shouldn’t be forgotten.

How long have you been photographing weddings professionally?

I first started shooting weddings in the summer of 2008, shortly after I got married.  In that time I took wedding commissions on a limited basis and focused on the quality of my work and making sure my clients were receiving a product that I felt was representative of my vision.  In 2010 I left my job and decided to start living my dream and capture weddings and events full time. 

What equipment do you use?

This is the long standing Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica or Fujifilm debate.  I currently use what best suits my needs, and I cannot say if one brand is better than another.  It’s all about the photographer being able to produce the image they envision and the gear is second fiddle to that.  We currently use all Nikon full frame camera bodies, and a mix of Nikon and Sigma Art lenses.  I also use Nikon flashes and various wireless strobes and video lights. 

Are you a natural light photographer?

This is a term I see asked a lot.  My answer is yes, of course I am, I love light!  But saying you are a natural light photographer is limiting in the wedding venues.  In actuality, most venues we shoot in are very dark and sometimes light just won’t cooperate.  We want you to be able to enjoy your day as seamlessly as possible and in order to do this we carry artificial lighting sources as well.  We choose to “get the shot” in proper exposure and with as little noise as possible.  We always strive to produce an image that is natural, and with the various lighting equipment we carry on a wedding day, this is always possible.



Questions about my wedding day:

Who will shoot my wedding? 

I am the primary photographer at all events.  You’ll talk only with me, work directly with me and I’ll be there to help you through the entire process.  I edit and retouch all of my own images and handle the requirements of my brides with a personal touch.  My very talented husband is my second shooter of about 9 years and we occasionally with hire additional help if the event requires it. 

When will you arrive at my wedding?

Although I allow each one of my clients to pick the package and hourly coverage that best fits their day and personal budget, I recommend allotting at least 2 hours prior to the wedding ceremony.  With there being so many amazing and beautiful moments that lead up to you walking down the aisle, it is important that I am there to capture them all for you. 

What do you do during cocktail hour? 

This is the moment you can finally breathe!   You have walked down the aisle, said your "I do's" and been announced as each other's for life!   The focus is finally off of you and your groom. This is the time for your guests to shine!  Usually during this time we are capturing candid photos of your guests signing the guest book, sharing stories and enjoying their time together.  This is your time to relax and recharge for all the fun of the reception.

Do you help with Portraits, when do we usually do these? 

If having a traditional group session is what you would like, we usually do these directly after the ceremony, possibly while your guests are enjoying their first cocktails.  Some couples prefer to get family shots done before the ceremony, so I can help you plan this session ahead of time.  Preparing an efficient shot list for after the wedding is something that Edoo Photography or your wedding planner can help you prepare.

Can our guests take photos? 

OF COURSE!   I can only be in one place at one time and I love for you to have as many photos of your awesome day as possible. The only thing to consider is during the ceremony we prefer for your guests to tuck their phones away and enjoy the special moment with you.

Do you stay for the whole reception?

We definitely can!  We have packages that have many options and we tailor all of the details to fit your needs.  Do you have a live band, a robot DJ or maybe some karaoke?  We can stay for all the fun and shenanigans and have no problem getting out on the dance floor to discreetly capture all the fun.

I don't want to be away from my guests for portraits, can we do a session before or after the wedding day?

Yes, we can always add a portrait session to your wedding day coverage.  Some people call these portraits "trash the dress", "day after", "we-do" or "we-did" sessions. We can choose somewhere special to you or even travel to one of your favorite places.



Miscellaneous Questions:

How far will you travel for my wedding or special event?

The sky is the limit, literally!   We love to travel to far off places, and do several times a year for weddings. We have no limitations on travel and would love to follow you and your family on this amazing adventure.  Destination wedding packages are all fully customizable and we would love to talk to you about all the possibilities.

What do you cost?  What can I expect to invest?

Your wedding day is just as unique as you and your love are.  We know that each couple has different needs and different budgets.  We are able to work with each couple independently to give them custom tailored coverage.  Just fill out our contact form  or give us a call and we will get right back to you! 

Do I get the rights to my images?

Absolutely, we do not operate by relying on selling prints.  We can offer high quality lab prints, but your package price always includes the rights to print your images yourself.   We do require written consent from Edoo Photography if you want to publish you images or sell your images for profit.